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IGH happy to invite you to the next Congress 2019 that will be held in Paris, France on 31 January - 2 February, 2019. This is an annual Meeting. Paris is a city full of contrast, where the oldest Monarchy of Europe and top modernity meet, where there are more bikes than cars and where vanguard architecture coexists in perfect harmony with fascinating old buildings. It is located in a country where significant medical research is being made and where the Congress is in an environment that embraces new methods and research while holding on to well established knowledge and traditions.

Already in 2014 Paris hosted a very successful Congress and it is with great anticipation that we return to the city and to the Palais des congrés de Paris. In the last few years the congress has become THE major IBD meeting in the world attracting over 10,000 participants, offering possibilities for nurses, dietitians, surgeons, gastroenterologists and physicians in the area of IBD to exchange knowledge and participate in a growing spectrum of educational courses and masterclasses. This conference reaches out to young clinicians and scientists as well and offers an international platform across and beyond Europe to achieve an improvement in the care of patients with IBD in all its aspects.

The main theme of the congress will be "research drives clinical care" as we are witnessing major breakthroughs of innovation due to new drugs hitting the clinic for our patients and many new personalized approaches for individual patient treatments.

The congress sessions are focused on the present best practice for adult IBD patients, include pediatric and surgical lectures, and highlight the trends for patient management. As challenges in the future of IBD are quickly approaching, now more than ever research must strive for best clinical care. I am sure also this conference in Paris will be a success and this will require active participation and interaction among all the members. I look forward to seeing you in Paris in 2019 and on behalf of the whole team and the organising committee I extend a warm welcome to you all!

Must do in Paris

The legendary Paris is going to fascinate you with its elegance and beauty. Here are the must dos when discovering this beautiful city.

Watch a show at Moulin Rouge

It was hard not to admire to movie Moulin Rouge, so why don't you take the chance to spend a couple of hours that will not only take you back to the movie but also will make you feel like you are a part of it and a Parisienne?
The Moulin Rouge shows are still a big part of the Paris pop culture and the shows definitely are worth a visit. Taking a picture of the red mill, watching one of the best examples of the modern can-can dance in the birthplace of it will definitely be a moment that will not be easy to forget.

Enjoy a cruise dinner on Seine

Paris is beautiful during the day however one must admit it is a city which the lights looks so good on. You should definitely make a plan to enjoy this magical city at night, too. In addition, if you had been short of time and feel that you couldn't make enough sightseeing here is your chance; one of the best ways to do so is a cruise dinner on Seine.

Walk in the magical gardens of Versailles

We recommend you a visit to a "château", and it is not a random château you can come across in some parts of Europe. It is the Versailles and it is definitely one of the most splendid work of architecture in the whole world.

Must visit in Paris

You want to make the most out of your time in Paris but don't know where to start? Have a look at our Paris must visit place list!

Louvre Museum

No matter how clichè it sounds, Louvre Museum is a must visit place when in Paris. Not only because the museum includes has some of the most well-known paintings of all time but also because it is one of the most predominant museums in the world that tries to contribute to the art world in the best ways possible.
Louvre Museum, built in 1190 as a fortress but started to be used as a royal palace in 16th century. Today it is the largest museum among all the others in the world and has got more than 35.000 art pieces. The collection includes pieces from Greece, Egypt and Roman Empire as well with modern paintings and sculptures. It is claimed that if you spend only a minute in front of all the pieces, it takes more than 3 months to complete the tour.

Notre Dame de Paris

A visit to Notre Dame de Paris is probably going to change what you know of cathedrals. Located on the eastern part of Île de la Cité, this magnificent example of gothic architecture has been fascinating people for a long time and still remains as the city's sacred place.

Arc of Triumph

Another icon of Paris is the Arc of Triumph, the massive monument that is dedicated to the people who fought the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars and lost their lives.
Located at the end of the famous Champs-Élysées, this breath taking monument was built with the order of Napoleon and it is believed that he was inspired by the Arch of Titus which belongs to the Romans. The construction was halted during his abdication and completed in 1836, after 30 years. It is still one of the most visited places of the city and definitely is worth a visit.

Must taste in Paris

Paris is the city where you can indulge yourself with some of the most delicious bites ever. Don't forget to try these delicious bites when there.


We owe the French for this little bites of magic and your trip to Paris enables you to taste the best one you could ever have.
Macarons can roughly be described as biscuits made from egg whites and sugar. Although Paris has got some of the best and worldwide famous patisseries that will feed with you these delicious babies, the variations across the country are also famous.

Wine & Cheese

This inseparable duo comes in the best way possible when in Paris, since the country has already a hard to reach reputation for the production of these two. You have probably heard of the fame of the French wine as well with its cheese, so why not feast yourself when you are in the best city to indulge yourself?


If croissant wouldn't be included in this list, it wouldn't be fair and the list would definitely be incomplete. Maybe you have heard what they say in Paris, "A croissant a day, keeps the doctor away." Despite croissant seems to be available in all parts of the world, frozen, freshly baked or homemade, the one you are going to try in Paris are going to make you have a completely new idea of it. Not only because the artisan bakeries use the best ingredients for the dough, but also because it has been so long since they have mastered the way the croissant must be baked.